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PIR Motion Sensors

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PIR Sensors are mainly used to sense certain characteristics of it’s surrounding by emitting and/or detecting infrared radiation. It can detect walking, running or crawling human targets.

Sensinova Is Most Excellent Company For Manufacturing Of PIR Sensor. It Is Producing Best Quality Products For Customers. Currently Sensinova Is A Good Supplier In India For Sensor Products.

What is PIR motion sensor?

PIR Sensor Full Form Is Passive Infrared Sensor. It Is An Electronic Appliance Measures Infrared Radiation From Objects In Generated Field By PIR Detector. Sometimes It Called PID – Passive Infrared Detector.

How PIR sensor works?

It Detects Changes In Amount Of IR Radiation, Which Is Depends Upon The Outside Characteristics And Temperature Of The Objects In Front Of Detector. It Means If Human Or Animal Will Come In Range Of Detector It Will Detect Movement Because Live Body Eliminates Warm Energy In Form Of IR Radiation. So It Will Give You Signal By Light Or Alarm When Any Live Object In Front Of PIR.

Benefits of PIR sensor

  • Generally this sensor used for security reasons.
  • PIR used for save energy.
  • You can use it in parking area, garden, house, library and several places.
  • It’s providing security against burglars.

  • PIR Motion Sensor

          SN PR05E
        SN PR05B
        SN PR45A
        SN PR07
        SN PR11
        SN PR15
        SN PR46B

    Where to use

    Main entrance

    Toilets / Lobby



    Parking Area

    Garden Area


    Parking lots


    Meeting Rooms

    Office cabins


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